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Nanaimo Lifeline Program

Helping Seniors and Others Since 1987

For 17 years the NANAIMO LIFELINE PROGRAM has been providing service to the
communities of Central Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

More than 3000 seniors and medically at risk individuals have been able to live indepentally at home with the help of LIFELINE. Family caregivers, friends and neighbours have gained added peace of mind knowing a loved one has access to help 24 hours a day at the push of a button.

Healthcare professionals refer
patients who are concerned about a possible fall or another health risk to LIFELINE.

Professional monitoring staff at
the NANAIMO LIFELINE response centres will quickly assess the situation and link the caller to appropriate help.

Nanaimo Lifeline Program
Please visit our web site:

Ph: (250) 753-3566
Fax: (250) 755-7947

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