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Ideal Accounting Services is pleased to announce New Heights Accounting has taken over Ideal Accounting.
Personalized Service for one monthly fee which will cover all your accounting, bookkeeping, year end and tax preparation requirements.

Accounting, Bookkeeping

Monthly Plan

Our monthly plan includes the following services:

  • Pick up of your accounting records each month.

  • Entry on our computer system (we use Sage50)

  • Payroll for up to six employees.

  • Preparation of G.S.T., P.S.T., W.C.B., and Receiver general remittances.

  • Delivery of your completed statements

  • Preparation of T-4's and ROE's.

  • Unlimited phone calls and inquires on the above.

All for the low monthly price of $250 - $350 per month

Quarterly Plan

Our quarterly plan is designed for a smaller firm that does not require monthly accounting services and includes all the above but on a quarterly basis 

All for the low quarterly price of $400 - $600 per quarter

Other Services


  • Train your staff on data entry on your computer system $60 per hour.
  • Cheque issuing up to 100 cheques per month $100.
  • Bring your accounting records up to date $50 per hour.
  • Year-end Financial statements and corporate tax returns.
  • Personal tax returns.
  • Value adding services, financial statement analysis, contract auditing.

New Heights Accounting

Simply Accounting,


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324 Harwell Rd
, Nanaimo, B.C., V9R 6V2, Vancouver Island

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